Princess Protests Dress Up Game

by Alexander Nakarada e Dressup Who
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Princess Protests Dress Up Game

Princess Protests Dress Up Game

In Princess Protests Dress Up Game the Disney princesses Moana, Mulan, Elsa and Tiana decided to reinforce the #BlackLivesMatter campaign in recent protests due to the death of George Floyd.

News is running all over the world on the internet, TV and on city streets. Join the Disney princesses to carry out an anti-racist protest and win the rights of any citizen.

To protest, choose the most comfortable shoes for the princesses, as protesters usually walk miles away.

Also choose comfortable clothes like shorts, mini-skirts, shirts, tops, tank tops and many other stylish types.

Once you choose the look for each princess in Princess Protests Dress Up Game, choose a powerful message for the #BlackLivesMatter campaign and save your creation to share on your social networks and to all your friends!

Play with the left mouse button

Princess Protests Dress Up Game was created by Alexander Nakarada and Dressup Who.