by Roberto Mulas (aka Ciorbyn)
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Scar is a multiplayer Batlle Royale game inspired by the famous game PUBG. Have fun with a giant map exploring an open landscape filled with weapons and powerful items to face a great online battle.

Be the only survivor in this epic battle by collecting all the items needed to defeat all enemies around the world. Plus, to make it even easier for you to win, you can drive and drive at top speed.

Scar has a wide range of weapons, two game modes, a variety of custom driving vehicles, and more. Be the only survivor of the island and reach the best score in the world ranking. In the menu you can customize the character with hats, clothing, accessories and more. Have a good time!


  • WASD or Arrow Keys - Move or Drive
  • mouse - Move character / vehicle camera
  • CapsLock - Walking / Running
  • shift - Sprint
  • space - roll
  • \ or scroll - Change Weapon
  • g - Get an item
  • f - fight
  • r - Reload
  • e - action button
  • tab - Show scoreboard
  • t - tease
  • v - visual


Scar was created by Roberto Mulas (aka Ciorbyn).