Doodle God Ultimate Edition

by Joybits
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Doodle God Ultimate Edition

Doodle God Ultimate Edition

Doodle God is a puzzle game developed by the company Joybits on June 11, 2010. Initially it was released only for IOS, but then it was made available for other gaming platforms. And it is inspired by the game "Alchemy Game".

Your objective is to act as if you were a "God" in the game, combining and creating various elements that are essential to generate life on a planet. First, only the elements are released: fire, water, air and earth.

But it is possible to discover up to 115 elements in Doodle God in 14 categories. In addition, the game has even received the Weekly Users' Choice award on the Flash games portal Newgrounds.

Create your planet now in Doodle God and have fun!

Play with the left mouse button

Doodle God Ultimate Edition was created by Joybits.