by Radical Fish Games
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CrossCode is a RPG game with 16-bit 2D graphics in SNES (retro) style inspired by a futuristic version. It features engaging puzzle gameplay mechanics with an exciting science fiction story.

The game was developed by the company Radical Fish Games and published by the company Deck13. Launched in early 2015, your goal is to control a character named Lea in a world known as CrossWorlds.

Beat all the dungeon puzzles with Lea Zelda style and get a variety of famous equipment for those who love RPGs! Take on various CrossCode battles using weapons you encounter on your journey. Defeat all enemies and win the game!

  • Explore a world with 7 challenging areas and unlock all its hidden secrets
  • Fight more than 120 enemy types
  • More than 30 boss fights
  • Enter 7 dungeons with puzzle mechanics
  • Master up to 100 combat arts
  • Solve over 100 exciting missions
  • There are more than 60 music tracks


Play with the left mouse button


CrossCode was created by Radical Fish Games.