Crazy Dog Racing Fever Game 3D

by Zuma Studio
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Crazy Dog Racing Fever Game 3D

Crazy Dog Racing Fever Game 3D

In Crazy Dog Racing Fever Game 3D have fun with an extremely realistic 3D dog racing game! Choose your favorite dog and participate in many fun competitions with different types of animals.

Help your dog get first on the finish line and be the great animal racing champion! Have fun with a game full of action and excitement of dogs. There are several different race modes with challenging tournaments and championships.

Play races with tigers, horses, wolves and other animals. Bet races with your friends online and win all competitions. There are several custom stadiums for you to enjoy in Crazy Dog Racing Fever Game 3D! Here you will find all dog breeds to play.


Play with the left mouse button


Crazy Dog Racing Fever Game 3D was created by Zuma Studio.