Scrap Metal 6

by Ciorbyn
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Scrap Metal 6

Scrap Metal 6

Are you ready to drive amazing cars in the game Scrap Metal 6? So get ready to race at high speed with angry and powerful cars on roads, plains and mountains! Perform various stunts on high and dangerous ramps and tackle various adventures.

You can manually build your own ramps to test them with various car models. Scrap Metal 6 features extremely realistic 3D graphics, so use all your driver skills to drive vehicles inspired by the famous game Gran Turismo.

Pick up Gran Turismo cars, 12 types of inventory items to decorate your car, and more. Have fun completely online and for free on our website!


  • WASD / Arrows: Accelerate
  • Spacebar: Pull Handbrake
  • 1 to 8: change views
  • V: use manual box
  • Shift: Shifting with Manual Transmission
  • A: repair car
  • Enter: restart car
  • Mouse: Place obstacles and ramps
  • Mouse + Ctrl: Rotate Objects


Scrap Metal 6 was created by Ciorbyn.