Jogo Quem é Quem Online

by Code This Lab
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Jogo Quem é Quem Online

Jogo Quem é Quem Online

Have fun with the Online Who's Who game based on guessing with Guess Who characters? In this Multiplayer Guess Who game, you must start by choosing your favorite character.

Afterwards, players will ask their opponents questions about their character's appearance. Each character has their own characteristics, with brown eyes, blue hair and much more.

Think correctly about each answer to avoid being eliminated by certain characters, until the player finds out who he is. Whoever guesses the correct character wins the game.

How to play Who's Who Online

  • Choose whether you want to play online or against the computer
  • When playing online, you will have to create a nickname
  • Guess your opponent before he guesses who you are!
  • Play with the left mouse button or click on the screen on mobile devices.

How to ask smart questions

  • Try to restrict some characters
  • Ask a good question! The game has an extensive selection of interesting questions for you to choose from.
  • Look at the faces that are available to narrow down the selection with a great detective!