Capybara Forever: Clicker

by Shust Games
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Capybara Forever: Clicker

Capybara Forever: Clicker

Capybara Forever: Clicker is a very fun casual clicker game from the famous capybara of browser games.

In this version, get ready to dive into the life of the largest rodent on the planet – the capybara. Your task is to click on the capybara to increase the capybara population. Each click brings a certain amount of capybaras. There is also an automatic click – an increase in capybaras every second!

The game has an automatic click and click update system, which will help increase productivity and win even more capybaras.

Play with the left mouse button or click on the screen on mobile devices.

When returning to the game after 6 hours or more – capybaras will be introduced!