by Vectaria
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Vectaria is an exciting adventure game inspired by the classic In this multiplayer version, get ready to have fun with your friends in a whole new building world!

You can choose the characters Martha, Oliver, Mike and Rose to start the game and several fun game modes.

The available game modes are:

  • Peaceful: A PvP (player versus player) survival map where you must keep other players at bay while strengthening your character.
  • Survival: This is survival mode, but you can turn PvP on or off as you wish.
  • Creative: This is a creative mode where you can unleash your imagination and build whatever you want.
  • W,A,S,D or arrows: move
  • Left mouse button: attack
  • Right mouse button: block
  • X: inventory
  • M: points
  • O: store
  • G: beginning
  • Space: skip
  • Enter:chat