Refuge Solitarie

by Raval Matic
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Refuge Solitarie

Refuge Solitarie

Refuge Solitarie is an online playing card game for you to enjoy anytime. Use your mental skills to have fun with a solitaire game after a stressful day. Seek our refuge and find comfort with this game!

Your goal is to move all external stacks to the eight basic stacks below in the game. Build the aces in suits to the king and kings in suits to the ace. To move cards over others you must be of the same suit and higher or lower (in value) as the card below.

Organize the entire deck efficiently in Refuge Solitarie and have totally free fun online! With each game the game gets even more exciting so waste no time and play now.


Play with the left mouse button


Refuge Solitarie was created by Raval Matic.