Monsters Attack Impostor Squad

by Kiz10
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Monsters Attack Impostor Squad

Monsters Attack Impostor Squad

Monsters Attack Impostor Squad is an exciting monster action shooter! Get ready to fight various legendary monsters like Slenderman, Huggy Wuggy and Freddy! They managed to control the soldiers to hypnotize them and thus eliminate all Round 6 participants.

But luckily, a team of three little impostors, experts in special forces, came together to defeat the terrible monsters and emerge victorious. Help them right now!

Control the 3 characters to ensure that they can survive and beat each of the levels, one more difficult than the other.

  • Move with the arrow keys
  • Change heroes by pressing C
  • Shoot with the Z key
  • Use special powers with X
  • On mobile devices, tap the game buttons.