Habbo Clicker

by Cangrejo Ideas e produzido por Azerion
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Habbo Clicker

Habbo Clicker

Habbo Clicker is a hotel strategy and simulation game developed by Cangrejo Ideas and produced by Azerion on February 5, 2019.

Your goal is to become a hotel manager in order to earn a lot of money and a lot of customers! Perform various fun attractions and complete all Habbo Clicker missions to earn money and expand your hotel more and more.

Install new furniture and decorations to give your hotel a new look and manage it in the best way so that it grows more and more. Meet hundreds of guests by decorating all their rooms with beautiful furniture. Have a good time!

Play with the left mouse button

Habbo Clicker was developed by Cangrejo Ideas and produced by Azerion.