Flying Car Simulator 3D

by Free Online Games
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Flying Car Simulator 3D

Flying Car Simulator 3D

Do you like to drive flying cars around the city? So have fun with the Flying Car Simulator 3D game! You are now in the future and you will be able to fly several flying cars around the big city. Drive as fast as you can by jumping over several buildings and earning a lot of money.

Supervise your fuel tank and spread your wings to fly fast through the city! Use the map to find and complete all the challenging missions of Flying Car Simulator 3D. You can drive Monster Truck Stunts, Flip Over, Boost, Street Racing and many other types of vehicles in a realistic version.

Live this incredible experience flying over skyscrapers, mountains, cities, buildings, streets, houses, deserts, seas, islands and more!


  • WASD: Move
  • R: open and close wings
  • Spacebar: Brake or take off with open wings.


Flying Car Simulator 3D was created by Free Online Games.