Five Nights at Huggy

by syrHamster
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Five Nights at Huggy

Five Nights at Huggy

Five Nights at Huggy is a horror and adventure game inspired by the hit Five Nights at Freddy's. Your goal is to survive 5 scary nights as a security guard and watch all the surveillance cameras in an abandoned toy factory.

Get ready to follow a series of terrifying events and carefully observe all the images to overcome all the game's levels. There are several different missions to complete. Change cameras regularly and do your best to survive the attack of dangerous human dolls!

The objective of the game is to survive 5 nights. To successfully spend the night, you need to survive 6 hours, repelling all attacks from the revived toys. Each night the difficulty of the game increases. Follow the cameras for animated dolls.

Reflect on the attack - close the door. Follow the development of events to avoid becoming common prey. Energy is consumed constantly, even more so when the tablet is closed, the light is on and the door is closed.