Jeff The Killer The Hunt For The Slenderman

by Kiz10
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Jeff The Killer The Hunt For The Slenderman

Get ready for a spooky new adventure with the terrifying characters Jeff and Slenderman! Use your survival skills to survive all the evil threats you encounter along the way.

His plan is to eliminate the Slenderman once and for all by rescuing all the victims he has captured so far.

Find your hiding place to hide when necessary and complete all tasks in the game to complete all objectives.

  • W,A,S,D: move
  • Left mouse button: shoot
  • Right mouse button: crosshair
  • mouse wheel: change weapon
  • G: use grenades
  • R: reload weapon
  • F: collect items
  • Left shift: execute
  • left ctrl: crouch
  • X: tilt
  • V: melee
  • Space: Jump