Dragon Ball Fighting

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Dragon Ball Fighting

Dragon Ball Fighting

Get ready for another exciting Dragon Ball adventure in our collection of retro games! Your objective is to help the legendary Goku and Bills from Dragon Ball Super to eliminate all enemies by taking a hard hit in the Dragon Ball world.

In addition, you'll be able to enjoy all the powers with more than 20 nostalgic heroes from the series, such as Vegeta.

Choose from 1 or 2 player modes to experience all the excitement in this epic brawling adventure!

[Player 1 / Player 2]

  • WASD / Arrows: control the character
  • J/1: give weak attack
  • K/2: skip
  • L/3: dodge
  • U / 4: give weak attack
  • I / 5: activate explosion
  • 0 / 6: give strong attack