Daddy Rabbit : Zombie Invasion

by Wopa Interactive
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Daddy Rabbit : Zombie Invasion

Daddy Rabbit : Zombie Invasion

Enjoy another exciting adventure from Daddy Rabbit! Your objective is to help the rabbit to save all his bunnies by eliminating all the zombies that invaded his farm.

Find all the lost bunnies in the underground lair to complete all challenging levels of Daddy Rabbit: Zombie Invasion.

These little bunnies sleep peacefully everywhere, but when daddy rabbit passes by, they follow him all the way. If you need to let them sleep as part of your strategy, just feed them a carrot and they'll stay there.

The bunnies will follow their father, but they will cry if they are awake and the father strays too far. When this happens, the zombies get upset and go straight to eat them. That's when daddy bunny will defend his kids with a carrot punch and give those evil zombies what they deserve.

  • Play with the left mouse button to move
  • Click space button to shoot all zombies.