PUBG: Curiosities and Tips

PUBG: Curiosities and Tips

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For sure you have heard of the game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or simply PUBG as it is also known, if not, you probably are not a gamer. The game today is a phenomenon and brings with it many curiosities, do you know where the gas that confines players in smaller and smaller areas on the island comes from? or if the island of Erangel really exists? If you are curious, read on and discover the incredible universe of the game and some tips on how to survive.

Where is the island of Erangel

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In the history of the game Erangel was an island used as a military base by the Soviet Union (Russia currently) from the 1950s, so there exists the Sosnovka Military Base. While on the island they made chemical and biological tests with the local population, but were surprised by a resistance that tried to recover the island, but after an attack of the resistance to the island must be abandoned. The island is a work of fiction and its location is in the Black Sea near Russia.


When you see it just run away as fast as possible and look for a safe area, but what is this dreaded gas after all? Actually in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds it is not a gas but an electric field, it was a weapon created by the Soviets to contain places where there was resistance and after leaving the island probably forgot to take the machine out of the socket. The term gas is used by virtue of the H1Z1 game other famous battle royale that came before the PUBG and there the player was confined by gas!

Who is this PlayerUnknown?

Contrary to what many people think and say PUBG is not a copy of other Battle Royale simply because the main person in charge of its conception was the idealizer of the genre. The year is 2013 and just as the MOBA genre emerged, the Battle Royale emerged. Modender Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene had created a mod of the Weapon 2 game that kicked off the genre and was named DayZ: Battle Royale. Brandan used the manga Battle Royale and you can find many references from him in the game. Following the development of the mod Brendan was invited and worked with Sony in developing another Battle Royale the H1Z1 that was previously quoted being responsible for the origin of the term gas. In 2016 Brendan left the development team of H1Z1 and was invited by Bluehole to be the creation supervisor of the company's Battle Royale and so PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is born. The game had an extremely fast development and attention with the players were the crucial factors for the game to become popular. A curiosity is that the name of the game was to be only Battegrounds, but I believe that as a marketing move and to show fans of the genre that the game had been created by the father of Battle Royale the directors of Bulehole decided to also put the name PlayerUnknown.

And how to play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The game is available for Microsoft Windows platforms, PlayStation 4, Xbox On Android, IOS and can be purchased by the stores of each console, the mobile version is free and only download and play. For those who are going to start I decided to leave some very important tips here.

  • Open doors.

Always be very careful when seeing open doors, this means that some player has been or may still be around and a terrible surprise awaits you.

  • Sounds of the game.

The sounds of the game are very important and in PUBG, they indicate the location of the players so be careful especially when picking up vehicles, they make a lot of noise and can easily deliver their position.

  • Get a frying pan.

The skillet is a very important and valuable item when it is not equipped it stays on your waist protecting the rear and when equipped protects against the shots of all the weapons of the game is an extremely efficient shield.

  • How to Win in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

The last survivor wins the match, but do not think you need to go out there shooting everybody, in PUBG you can simply hide and let other players kill themselves and this is normal. So remember that many wars are won without battles :) Now you feel like playing? Just download the game and then come back here say it was your experience in the comments and do not forget to share this text with your friends and follow the blog posts to know many other curiosities about games.

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