What a Leg

by RHM Interactive
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What a Leg

What a Leg

Get ready for an exciting competition in What a Leg! Use your racing skills and wits to draw your driver's legs correctly when passing the tracks.

Try to reach the finish line as quickly as possible! Runners will run in different parkours that have various obstacles on the way. On each block you will have to draw different types of legs to overcome the obstacle. You can play against online opponents in single player mode or you can play in two player mode against a friend. Good luck!

1 player game mode

Drag the left mouse button in the box to draw a leg.

two player mode

At the start of the game, drag the left mouse button on the box to draw the legs and use the keys below to switch between the legs.

  • Player 1 = Use WASD to switch legs
  • Player 2 = Use arrow keys to switch legs