Warzone Mercenaries

by Y8 and Id Net
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Warzone Mercenaries

Warzone Mercenaries

Warzone Mercenaries is a first person shooter with online 3D graphics. Be a war soldier and show off your skills in an exciting battle. Protect your base by eliminating all enemies that come your way.

You can use the battle tank to wipe out multiple enemies at once, so get ready to face a realistic battle! There are several weapon options such as sniper rifle, missiles, pistols among others. Use your best skills to evolve in the game.

If you wish, you can also choose the game option with individual missions to suit Warzone Mercenaries gameplay. Each mission has different objectives, be very careful with all enemy units and vehicles!

As you complete each mission you will earn gold coins to upgrade your weapons and skills. Complete all missions with skills and have the best team of minecraft soldiers!

How to play Warzone Mercenaries

  • L: block the mouse
  • WASD or Arrow: Move
  • Left mouse button or spacebar: shoot
  • Right click or change: enlarge
  • A: reload weapon
  • E: get in or out of the vehicle


Warzone Mercenaries was created by Y8 and Id Net.