by Google
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T-Rex is one of the most popular games on Google Chrome when users run out of internet. Who has never stopped to have fun with this classic game when having a connection problem, right?

Your challenge is to help the famous T-Rex dinosaur to run through the desert dodging all cacti, birds and other obstacles along the way to earn points.

How to play with the Chrome dinosaur?

  • To play the Chrome dinosaur game on our website is very simple, just press the space button for the dinosaur to start running and start the game.
  • Avoid all obstacles along the way by jumping with the space button or lowering by pressing the down arrow.
  • To use a special trick is that when you press down in the air, it also accelerates your fall so you can jump early.

What is the world record for the Google Dinosaur game?

The world record for the Google Dinosaur game is 15,000 points.

What is the end of the Google Dinosaur game?

If you think this game has a definite purpose, you are very wrong! It takes 17 million years to play to reset it. The same time that Rex lived on Earth.