Pico Park

by TecoPark
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Pico Park

Pico Park

Pico Park is an exciting cooperative multiplayer action puzzle game! With game modes available for 2, 3 or 4 players and with a pixelated graphic, you have to choose your favorite character where there are many cats.

Advance through several challenging levels where you'll have to manage playing in pairs or up to 8 players in the multiplayer version. Solve game levels with the most allies to make the game even more fun!

Pico Park was released on April 28, 2016 and is a huge hit right now. This version is a preview of the game, but you can play the full game on the Steam page. Your objective in the game is to get all the keys to beat all the objectives. Use special tricks in 48 challenging levels by climbing, jumping, using ropes and operating mechanisms.

  • World Mode: is the standard game mode, where you simply find the key and the exit.
  • Endless Mode: Compete with friends to get the highest score.
  • Battle mode: The player with the highest individual score wins in a free-for-all game.

Play with the left mouse button or click on the screen of mobile devices.