Nextbots: Backrooms Sandbox

by Nino Games
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Nextbots: Backrooms Sandbox

Nextbots: Backrooms Sandbox

Nextbots: Backrooms Sandbox is an exciting online action game! Your objective is to enter a special military base located on an asteroid with several cannons spread across the meteorite.

Get them to shoot all the monsters and funny memes you find along the way! Summon your enemies with the portal gun and collect points and be first on the leaderboard.

On PC: Left mouse button: shoot. Tab: opens the monster generation panel. WASD: character movement. Mouse movement: camera control. Space: fly, jump.

On the phone: Joystick on the left: movement. Jump button on the right side of the screen: fly, jump. Right side of the screen: camera controls. Box icon: Opens the monster spawn panel. Shots icon: shot.