Junon.io Imposter

by Pixel-co
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Junon.io Imposter

Have fun right now with a new multiplayer .io game in our collection! Inspired by the legendary Among Us, your goal is to join a crew inside a space station and find out who the Impostor is.

As a crew member, you will receive several exciting missions to complete in the game. If all team members finish all missions first, they will be the great champions.

If you're the impostor, your challenge is to kill or sabotage all the locations on the space station with bombs. You can hide under the openings, sabotage lights and kill any opponent with a knife.

Soon after, a meeting will take place so that everyone can discuss and vote on who is the impostor of the move. Good luck!

  • WASD: move
  • E: interact
  • Space or left mouse button: use item
  • Numeric keys: switch between items