Hill Climb Racing

by Fingersoft

Play Hill Climb Racing and drive on exciting mountain roads! Collect all coins and gallons of gas to overcome all levels. - Play Hill Climb Racing Free and Enjoy!


Game Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is a racing game developed by the company Fingersoft and released in 2012. With 3D graphics based on physics, your challenge is to drive a car in mountainous terrain efficiently, collecting all the gold coins.

With these coins you can tune your car and make it even more powerful. Control the acceleration and brake pedals correctly to avoid losing the game! Don't forget to fill your vehicle with the gas canisters you find.

In addition, as you evolve in Hill Climb Racing you can unlock new vehicles such as monster trucks, turbocharged bikes, tanks and Santa's sleigh!

Hold the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal with the mouse

Hill Climb Racing was created by Fingersoft.