Happy Wheels

by Jim Bonacci
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Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a skill and physics game created by Jim Bonacci. Your goal is to overcome all obstacles and traps that await you on the way, there are several vehicles and characters to choose from during the game.

Survive by riding a bike with the ability to reach the finish line before it's too late! You could end up being crushed by one of the traps like harpoons, mines, bombs, spikes among others.

There are several challenging levels for you to play Happy Wheels all online without the need to install any applied on your computer or mobile phone. A good tip is to be sure to use the tilt controls correctly as this will allow you to complete all stages quickly.

How to play Happy Wheels?

  • Left and right arrow - Tilt left and right
  • Up and Down Arrow - Accelerate / Decelerate
  • Z - Eject
  • C - Control Camera
  • Space / Shift / Ctrl - Special Abilities


Happy Wheels was created by Jim Bonacci.