Futuristic Racing 3D

by New Gamer
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Futuristic Racing 3D

Futuristic Racing 3D

Futuristic Racing 3D is a racing game with futuristic cars in an amazing 3D graphic. Drive extremely powerful cars in Arizona, China, big cities and more! Earn coins by skillfully driving, dodging all vehicles and obstacles you encounter along the way.

With the coins collected you can tune your futuristic cars making them even more powerful in acceleration, braking and turning it into a flying car! Choose up to 4 game modes in Futuristic Racing 3D and enjoy this exciting racing game now!


  • WASD / Arrows: drive car
  • Shift: Speed up (when available)
  • X: Fly (when available)


Futuristic Racing 3D was created by New Gamer.