Fish Eats a Fish

by Winxland
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Fish Eats a Fish

Fish Eats a Fish

Enjoy this online fish survival game! Start the game as a friendly plankton-eating fish and grow as fast as possible to catch all toothy predators.

There are two variants of the game, this is a walkthrough and a survival arcade. In passing mode, the growth progress of the fish is preserved and more dangerous predators appear.

Play with the left mouse button or click on the screen of mobile devices.

Control: mouse, touch screen

  • 1. Collect plankton floating in the water by clicking on the screen or left mouse button on the screen. If the fish has become a predator, eat other fish below the class. Click on the character icon, here you can see which fish you can eat.
  • 2. The winner is the one who eats the required amount of food faster. View the account status next to the icon. Each level has its own end result.