Crazy Pig Simulator

by CyberGoldfinch
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Crazy Pig Simulator

Crazy Pig Simulator

In Crazy Pig Simulator explore a city with a piggy bank and destroy everything you find ahead! Detonate the city by running, jumping and flying with your jetpack. Collect all coins by participating in various exciting missions.

Swim in the ocean and find street fights to show who runs the city now! But be careful of the dangers of the big city so as not to get hurt. To evolve in the game, use the collected coins to improve your pig's skills.

Crazy Pig Simulator is an epic destruction simulation game featuring a very crazy pig. Try to cause as much destruction as possible in the city to become invincible! Change the look of your port to make it even funnier and fun. Help our pink friend conquer the world!


  • WASD or Arrows: Move
  • Space: skip
  • Left mouse button: Attack


Crazy Pig Simulator was created by CyberGoldfinch.