BuildNow GG

by battlelab
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BuildNow GG

BuildNow GG

Enjoy yet another amazing multiplayer shooter and construction game in our collection! Enjoy various game modes, maps and powerful weapons in combat.

You must build towers as fast as possible to fight against multiple enemy players in real time to survive and thus reach the top of the ranking by improving your skills.

  • V-Arena - 1v1 or 6 player each for themselves, last player standing wins
  • Realistic: 1V1 in this mode you have limited resources and take fall damage
  • Red vs Blue: First team to get 15 kills wins, buildings reset every 2 minutes, eight player team battle until the last one standing
  • Box Fight - 2v2 combat
  • Duo Winter Wars - eight players in 2V2 style
  • Late Game - Warzone, in this mode you have limited resources and take fall damage, kill an enemy to heal and gain 250 resources
  • Box Fight - Box Fight + Zone Wars, six players in every man for himself
  • Freemode - a sandbox-style map where you can play PvP and practice without limits
  • Aim training- improve your aim on static and moving targets, offline
  • Classic - edit mode for you to improve your building skills


  • WASD: move
  • Spacebar: jump
  • Mouse: aim, shoot and build
  • Q: build wall
  • C: build floor
  • V: build ramp
  • F: edit
  • 1,2,3,4: change weapon