by MCArth
Did you like the game? Click Like, so we’ll add more games like this! is a multiplayer game inspired by the classic Minecraft with tons of exciting game modes! Explore your creativity by creating various sandbox style constructions and perform various parkour with your sports skills!

Check out all available game modes below:


This game mode is similar to drawing games like Players create objects based on the presented theme, and other users vote to decide how close the final product is to the presented theme.

When playing in BloxdHop mode, your mission is to reach the end of the map within the given time limit. To reach the end, you must use the best of your parkour to jump between blocks of different sizes.


Peaceful mode is like creative mode in Minecraft. Here you can roam freely collecting resources and building.


This mode brings exciting battles. Compete against other players in a third-person shooter scenario, where in addition to testing your aim, you can also build blocks.


The mission is to reach the top of the Tower of Evil! Similar to BloxdHop, you use your parkour skills to reach the end. The EvilTower is inspired by the Tower of Hell featured in the Roblox game.

Get ready to explore various worlds created in voxels for free! Each game mode has its own objective.

In addition, you can make various purchases in the store with the gold earned during your matches.

  • WASD: move
  • Mouse: build and destroy
  • shift: run
  • Q: third person view
  • Space bar: jump