Babel Tower

by Airapport
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Babel Tower

Babel Tower

In Babel Tower, your goal is to build the famous Tower of Babel to reach the sky! Work hard with your team of professionals like miners, artisans, masons, builders and lumberjacks to achieve success.

Unlock new machines to build tower floors, use quarry to mine stone, crane to deliver bricks to upper tower levels.

In the forest, collect the woods to cut them and take them to the sawmill to produce planks and the water well and pump carriers to restore the Forest Elephant to transport larger loads of stone.

Press and hold on the screen to mine stone, transfer stone for processing, speed up brick making, cut trees and perform other activities.

Sell ​​part of your resources on the Market to earn money for upgrades. At a certain upgrade level, the building works by itself, you will be watching and having fun.

Restarting your tower construction gives you Golden Bricks, which increase your tap power, production, and increase market prices.