Mahjong Games: List with 10 selected games

Mahjong Games: List with 10 selected games

Mahjong is a classic and popular game, it has fans all over the world, but many people have no idea where and how the game came about. We have separated some historical information so that you understand a little more about this game so loved by many.

A little history of Mahjong Games!

Mahjong as we know it today is descended from an ancient oracle used by the Chinese fortune tellers. The idea was to predict the position of celestial bodies, after it was discovered that it was possible to record the movement of the stars, like the Sun, the Moon and the planets. Not only did this game, like many others, spread throughout China and around the world, all based on moving the pieces around the board. The term itself can be freely transcribed to Ma Jiang Pai, where Father means stone, a clear allusion to the pieces that one uses to play it. Its previous versions were performed with leaves, which is very reminiscent of our deck concept, however, the past of this custom is still not very clear.

The fame of Mahjong Games only grew with the passage of time and new variations were created all over Asia. Currently, there are Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Filipino models that have emerged from the same Chinese base. In fact it is very common that in events such as celebrations, celebrations and negotiations, if you play a good match, since these stones have become a national symbol. The practice and techniques of this game did not stop in time, quite the contrary, they were passed down from generation to generation and until today you see many young people who love the game.

Did you like to know more about the game? Now let's drop down a list of 10 selected Mahjong Games for you to enjoy. Check out and Good Fun!

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Liked? You can play here for free:

Mahjong Connect HD

Remove all stones from the board by combining two. Enjoy beautiful and polished graphics with a cool soundtrack! Combine your way through 12 levels of challenge and try to clear the board as fast as possible in order to hit the highest score! Play Now

Mahjong Frenzy

Play Mahjong Frenzy now for free and make your way through fifteen levels of epic entertainment! Play Now

Best Classic Mahjong Connect

If you need to be able to clear the board, you can move on to the next 12 stages. The faster you can eliminate them, the higher your score will be. Can you pass through all levels? Play Now

Mahjong Dynasty

A trip through Asia. Connect the Mahjong pieces to clear the board. Make connections and complete all levels with 3 stars. Play Now

Magic Mahjong

You need the magic touch to win this Mahjong themed game. Guide the mage through 50 difficult levels while acting as your magical helper. To finish the game with 3 stars in each level, you need to combine power-ups with your skills. Play Now

Mahjong Classic

Play this super addictive Japanese style Mahjong game where you must find the pairs of the dozens of pieces that you have on the board. Make points before time runs out. Play Now

Mahjong Flowers

This classic version of Mahjong with a beautiful floral theme offers 150 levels in 3 difficulties that match your skills! Start with easy levels and find all the identical stones. Play Now

Mahjong Connect Classic

Your goal in this classic Mahjong game is to win as many points as you can! Find pairs and remove all pieces from the field before time expires to complete a level. Play Now


Play this classic Mahjong game. It is necessary to remove all pieces of monsters. Find the matching pairs of each monster to form the pair. Play Now

Candy Mahjong

Candy Mahjong is a fun jigsaw puzzle game! The goal of the game is to be able to delete all tokens from the board by joining two matching tiles. Clearing the board you can play on up to 12 different levels. The faster you can solve the more points you will gain. Play Now