Cars Games: Tuning, park and run

Cars Games: Tuning, park and run

Without a doubt Cars Games are the favorite of many people and this is something that comes from our childhood to adulthood. Cars are the consumer dream of many people and so games like Need For Speed ​​or Gran Turismo are so successful. Even in other games where cars are not the central point, they also make the difference as in the famous GTA or Driver.

What kinds of Car Games do we have today?

Whoever thinks that in Car Games we only have races is very much mistaken. Nowadays the cars carry out diverse styles of games, like for example:

  • Parking Games
  • Drift games
  • Accelerate Games
  • Gta style games (Where the car is just a means of getting around)

And if you think of vehicles these styles will grow even more with Motorcycle Games or Simulation Games like Euro Truck Simulator, where you are in the shoes of a trucker.

Need for Speed ​​the racing game that is in the heart of many players!

Whenever we talk about car games or racing games, surely Need For Speed ​​is the game that comes to mind. The game that had its first version released in 1994 for platforms 3DO, Saturn, DOS and PlayStation is successful until today. Since then there have been 24 years of success and 23 titles have been released. The Underground and Underground 2 titles made tremendous success in the 2000s. With a respectful customization system, with several vehicles available and some even known in the Brazilian market, the game is a full plate for those who like to get out and feel the adrenaline of the high speed. At the same time was released the film Fast and Furious what I believe to have helped in the popularity of the titles.

Well now that you know a little bit more about Car Games, we separate a little list with some games that you will love. So choose one and enjoy!

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Liked? You can play here for free:

Asphalt Speed Racing 3D

In Asphalt Speed Racing 3D get in the car and accelerate in this exciting racing game! Join a tournament or take a single run and show off your skills as a rider. Earn money, improve your cars and become the new king of asphalt! Play Now


Play this super exciting racing game! It is necessary that you have agility in diverting from the other vehicles in the traffic. Be skillful to collect all the coins that appear along the way to be able to evolve more and more your vehicle. Play Now

Rival Rush

In Rival Rush become the king of the road! In this racing game drive with all speed and avoid all the cars to avoid accidents at all costs not to lose the move. Keep an eye on vehicles that change from one lane to another. Have fun! Play Now

Maserati Gran Turismo 2018

Have fun with the new game Maserati 2018 Gran Turismo version! Run on this super-advanced vehicle with a 4.2-liter V8 engine and an incredible power output of 405 HP. Run in this exciting racing game on complex circuits and outperform all your rivals. Play Now

Sprint Club Nitro

Collect as many Nitro Boosters as possible on the track and avoid colliding with other cars. The better your position, the more rewards you will receive. Play Now

Parking Fury 3

Get ready to park multiple vehicles. Carefully place the vehicle in a parking space without hitting other cars or obstacles. Be sure not to damage the cars. Play Now

Drift Race

With Drift Race you can be the best driver of all time! Just get to the finish line first. In this challenge the path will be full of obstacles, wooden boxes and oil puddles to make difficult the challenge. Take care and have fun! Play Now

Bus Parking 3D

Start this challenge full of adventure in 3D Parking Bus! Show your skills on the wheel by parking it right. Collect money on your way to get your bus all customized and able to buy new models. There are 30 super fun levels! Play Now

Street Pursuit

In Street Pursuit get in your cool car and collect as much money as possible and get away from the police collecting as much money as possible. It is a super fun game of skill! Hit all targets to unlock new areas. Want to join this adventure? Play Now