Barbie Games: See curiosities and play for free

Barbie Games: See curiosities and play for free

Surely everyone has heard of Barbie, the doll is a dream of many girls. So we decided to bring some curiosities about this beloved doll and still many Barbie Games for you to enjoy!

Curiosities about Barbie

It may sound like a lie, but did you know that Barbie is 59? That's right, anyone who sees the doll is always beautiful, can not imagine that. Barbie was launched on March 9, 1959 and was produced by Mattel in the United States.

Another important detail is that Barbie was inspired by another Doll, its creator Ruth Handler used as the basis of its creation a German doll called Bild Lilli that was produced 4 years (1955) before the launch of Barbie.

The Barbie dolls produced by Ruth had 340,000 copies sold and it was possible to find two models, one brunette and one blonde. Some time later they adopted the blonde look as definitive for the doll.

Barbie Drawings, Movies and Games

The Barbie doll became so famous that she starred in several movies, 38 in total, one of which was canceled. In addition to the movies we have animated series and also the Barbie Games. Games are available for almost every platform on the market, including computer and browser games.

Did Iae like to know more about this famous doll? So make sure to check out our list of Barbie Games we have separated for you here. And the best, they're all free. Choose one and enjoy!

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Liked? You can play here for free:

Barbie Pup Rescue

Be a very successful Veterinary Barbie in Barbie Pup Rescue! We have just found an orphan puppy very sad and wounded in the streets of the city. He really needs our help! Heal all the wounds and do all the necessary procedures of the game for him to be happy again! Play Now

Barbie and Ken Christmas

Help Barbie and Ken decorate their home for Christmas celebrations. This is the time to show off your talent as a decorator! Play Now

Barbie Fashion Hair Saloon

Help Barbie get ready for a grand gala party. She will have several special guests and need to go to the salon urgently to become a beautiful princess! Make the best hairstyle, makeup and select the best items for her to sweep! Play Now

Barbie and Lara Red Carpet Challenge

Barbie and Lara are going to visit a super popular and famous party in Paris, help them to choose the best look and make a lot of success and become magazine cover! Play Now