We're Impostors

by Bin Studio
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We're Impostors

We're Impostors

In this awesome Among Us game, your goal is to help the Impostors save the world! Capture all crew discreetly in the spaceship to win all challenging missions and overcome all obstacles.

Specifically, you will become two Imposters: Red Imposter and Blue Imposter. Your mission is to kill the enemy, rescue comrades of this organization and return home safely. On the way you will have to deal with many traps like laser traps, lava traps, ice traps.

Also, in We're Impostors you can collect and use many items to complete the quest easily.


  • WASD: move and jump
  • Ctrl: change character
  • Various maps and levels being updated frequently
  • Nice characters and design
  • smooth control
  • Multiple game modes
  • Vivid characters
  • Lots of custom skins and knives