by NSDesignGames
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Warmerise is a futuristic multiplayer shooter. Enter a knockout tournament with your soldier team and defeat all opponents using firearms or running them over with your vehicles. Choose the red or blue team and your country's server to play.

Try not to run too far so that you run out of energy and weak so that your enemies will kill you easily. Cyborgs are invading the land in a final battle and humanity depends only on you to save them!

Choose Deathmatch or Elimination game modes and play with over 50 different weapons in battle, including: rifles, machine guns, carbines, plasma weapons and more. Good luck in Warmerise!


  • Mouse: shoot
  • WASD: move
  • R: reload weapon
  • H: change perspective (third or first person)
  • T: enable chat
  • F: pick up weapons or get in cars
  • SHIFT: run


Warmerise was created by NSDesignGames.