by BNF Games
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Warfare is a 3D multiplayer first-person shooter with real-time high-speed FSP with up to 10 players!

Show your sniper skills by eliminating all your opponents with a variety of powerful weapons.

There are several game modes available for you to choose from without having to install or install any plugins to play.

The available game modes are:

  • Raid Boss: Four players team up to fight deadly zombies;
  • Bomb mission: Complete your mission or defeat the enemy by collaborating with your team;
  • Team death: Defeat the opposing team in a limited time;
  • All-out War: winning more rounds than the opposing team, from 5 to 13 rounds;
  • Special set: Win using only certain types of weapons.
  • WASD: move
  • Left mouse button: shoot
  • R: reload weapon
  • Space: jump
  • Right mouse button: zoom
  • F: grab weapon
  • G: drop gun
  • 1-4: weapons
  • 5: C4
  • E: setup C4