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At Term.ooo you can play Wordle in Portuguese! Your goal is to discover a word a day by selecting five letters to form a word. There are six plays available for you to guess! If you fail on all attempts, you will only be able to play again after 24 hours.

In addition, it is possible to play Term by guessing two words simultaneously. In quartet mode, you can guess four words at once!

What is the Termo of the day?

  • Select the letters you can think of to form the word with up to 5 letters;
  • If a letter turns green, it means you got the letter and position right. If you have to play again, put the same letter in the same position;
  • If the letter turns yellow, it means the letter is right, but in the wrong position. Find out the position by switching the letter around on the next move;
  • If a letter turns grey, the letter is wrong! Do not re-enter that letter in any further attempt;
  • Don't waste attempts. Think of the words you can form using the letters you have already discovered.