Poppy Playtime Full Game

by Start Games
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Poppy Playtime Full Game

Poppy Playtime Full Game

Play the first chapter of Poppy Playtime Full Game in our collection! In this horror game, the player discovers that the main protagonist of the game worked in a factory and a strange incident occurred.

The result of the accident was several people missing and the building was abandoned. Many years later, the main character decided to return to unravel all the mysteries of the factory.

Help him overcome all the challenges by collecting all the clues necessary to unravel this terrifying mystery! Be very careful with the giant blue plush monster, he may chase you and be completely eliminated from the game.

Be careful not to attract her attention or make noise.

You'll have to use all the tools you have on hand to complete the ladybug puzzle and unlock the doors, finding the key hidden somewhere in the barbies' structure.