Metal Army War 3

by RHM Interactive
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Metal Army War 3

Metal Army War 3

Get ready for an exciting adventure in Metal Army War 3! Your objective is to protect the Earth against various robotic aliens.

Use various attack buses, drones, AI assistants and more. Don't forget to destroy all traps, take down enemies and rescue all hostages safely.

You will be able to upgrade your weapons and health bars as you progress through the game with metallic materials. Be sure to visit the Market at the end of each level.

[Player 1 / Player 2]

  • WASD / Arrow Keys: Move
  • C/L: attack
  • V/K: throw grenade
  • Q, E / O, P: switch weapon
  • Q+E / O+P: activate special ability (when available)
  • X/J: reload weapon