Flying Police Car Simulator

by Driving Games
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Flying Police Car Simulator

Flying Police Car Simulator

What do you think of driving flying cars? In this incredible simulation game you will be able to immerse yourself in this great exciting adventure!

With 3D graphics fly in a big city with huge skyscrapers and use your driving skills to avoid crashing into them.

Fly as high as you can and earn lots of coins! So you can unlock new flying cars even more powerful.

Also avoid falling into puddles to avoid losing your progress. In fact, there is a secret island on the map, so hurry up to find it before your fuel runs out!

  • W: speed up
  • S: brecar
  • D: turn right
  • A: turn left
  • F: switch controls
  • L: lock and unlock cursor
  • X: speed increase
  • Flight controls: left mouse button.