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About Mathematics Games

Our math games are a great choice for those looking to learn to solve accounts or expressions and have fun at the same time. Further enhancing the ability to solve calculations and stimulating your thinking. Improve your math skills and develop your concentration and logic.

Our collection of fun math games are not only fun, but also pedagogical that can help kids learn and get used to solving everyday accounts and expressions. There are several game styles, you can learn as some of the following game styles:

Sudoku Games

Sudoku games require number logic skills. The goal is to include the numbers from 1 to 9 in all empty cells in a 9x9 grid by 3x3 subgrades. With early clues use your concentration and logic to include all numbers without repeating in columns, rows or region. The game was created by Howard Garns.


Tangram Games is a Chinese geometric puzzle game consisting of 7 pieces which are called "Tans": they are 2 large triangles, 2 small, 1 medium, 1 square and 1 parallelogram. Your goal is to find out which colored pieces fit a particular figure.

In addition to these games you can have fun learning math with Disney's Elsa princesses from Frozen, Ariel and Anna, solving addition problems driving bikes and becoming the race champion by hitting all the questions and even helping the Mathput dog catch all Street cat thieves!

Enjoy up-to-date and fully tested math games for your safety. With amazing graphics and fun gameplay.