Tower Crush

by Gamepix (na versão Web)
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Tower Crush

Tower Crush

In Tower Crush, have fun with a super fun indie game! Build a tower of up to 6 floors and create several powerful weapons to defeat all your opponents!

Use machine guns, bombs, cannons, flamethrowers, shock waves, rockets, teslas and lasers and show your power in combat right now.

There are 280 incredible levels in Tower Crush for you to play! And 8 heroes: Viking, Orc, Paladin, Warrior, Skull, Mage, Fire Elemental and Stone Golem.

Use the 7 special powers available in the game: Shield, Ice, Healing, Rain of Fire, Thunder Storm, Poison and Tornado.

Play with the left mouse button

Tower Crush was created Gamepix (in the Web version).