Kung Fu Sparrow

by It Hype
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Kung Fu Sparrow

Kung Fu Sparrow

Have fun with this exciting Kung Fu game with sparrows! Face various enemies along the way proving your own power in adventures. Earn new belts to unlock bonus levels full of prizes.

You are a lonely sparrow. On the streets of the unforgiving, cold and hungry city... Can you survive the harsh conditions of the province...? Will you find your place on a hot power line...? It all depends on you, on your reaction!

Jump from wire to wire, destroy enemies, collect treasured bread and defeat the boss in an unequal battle! Each enemy has its own characteristic and unique weapon. The game features 50 unique levels, two game modes, and tons of characters to choose from.

To win, you need to master a few simple moves with the mouse or play on the keyboard using the wasd and space bar. Jump on enemies by sliding up, down and hit them with left click.