Google's Doodle Champion Island Games

by Google
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Google's Doodle Champion Island Games

Play Google's Doodle Champion Island Games! Google's classic Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The company has developed this amazing online adventure and sports game for those who enjoy challenging gameplay.

Get ready to celebrate the world of sport in this game for free by taking on various exciting adventures to win a total of 7 medals like a true Olympic tycoon.

  • Use arrow keys or W,A,S,D to move
  • Space: action, strike or cast

Enjoy marathon games, archery, rugby, swimming, rock climbing, ping pong, skateboarding, tennis and more!

Use your physical and reflex skills to complete all Google mini-games with retro graphics inspired by great classics from the gaming world.

The game was developed by Google with the participation of developers Colin Duffy, Nate Swinehart, Sophie Diao, Ben Tobias, Hélène Leroux and Qumu Music.