Bullet Man 3D

by Crazy Labs

Play Bullet Man 3D and be a hero defeating all enemies along the way! Upgrade your weapons to become even more powerful. - Play Bullet Man 3D Free and Enjoy!


Game Bullet Man 3D

Play Bullet Man 3D and get ready for an exciting action game! Your goal is to shoot your powerful weapon at as many bad guys as possible. With each level the game becomes even more challenging, so don't forget to collect all the coins to buy even more powerful bullets.

Dodge all the obstacles you encounter along the way and increase your aiming accuracy by pulling the trigger to eliminate all your opponents at once in Bullet Man 3D!

  • Shoot your weapon as accurately as possible
  • Try to eliminate as many enemies as you can
  • Save the bullets to survive in each stage of the game
  • Buy multiple upgrades with the collected coins to become even more powerful

Use the left mouse button to aim and shoot at enemies

Bullet Man 3D was created by Crazy Labs.